What About JAK?

Jakdesign is a print and digital design studio who delivers timeless solutions that empower our clients to succeed.

Our Expertise

We have decades-long experience with financial-services firms, including leading global investment banks and start-ups. We understand the constraints and “vibe” of the industry in a way most designers do not. Our introduction into the financial industry was in 1989 when Jak was recruited by Goldman Sachs to work with their pilot group helping design and produce their client presentation materials.

After the success of that project, we worked with several financial firms including ING, JP Morgan, Lazard, Moelis & Company, Perella Weinberg Partners, Smith Barney, and UBS creating layouts, templates, packaging, and processes to streamline their presentation production. Together with our partners we also offer marketing, branding, and positioning for financial-services firms. 

Why Jak

Jak Listens.
We take the time to connect with you to learn about your vision, your needs, your schedule and budget.

Jak Collaborates.
We collaborate with you, including you in every step of the process.
We also collaborate with talented colleagues to give you the team best suited for your needs. 

Jak Communicates.
We ask questions, create schedules, manage each project, and keep you informed every step of the way to ensure we meet expectations and deadlines.  

Jak Responds.
Attentive to your needs, we respond with a sense of urgency and always reply in a timely manner.  

Jak Delivers.
We have a clear understand of printing and production. We work within your schedule and budget to produce a final product that represents you and the caliber of work you deliver. We implement processes and give you tools that empower you to succeed.

Jak Gives Back

Jak has been fortunate to work with wonderful clients and be involved in many rewarding projects. We have shared our good fortune by donating to many worthy organizations. Here is a sampling of a few of our favorites.

ANDREW JAKSON | Generosity
After an emotionally challenging year, Jak chose to donate one “Andrew Jackson” ($20) to the American Cancer Association on behalf of every individual on our holiday mailing list. Though we continue to mourn the loss of three irreplaceable women, this holiday gift embodied qualities they shared: generosity and humor.

JAKET | Warmest Wishes
This holiday card took on the form of the donated item. Jak wanted to spread the holiday cheer and warmth through supporting New York Cares’ annual jacket drive, promoting others to donate “jakets” for those in need.

JAK AND JILL | Fetch a Pail of Water
A thoughtful and clever twist of a children’s classic tale, this holiday promotion highlighted the charity Drilling for Hope, which provides clean water for those in need.

JAKPOT | Mm Mm Good!
Switching up the definition of JakPot, Jak created a trifold card that when received suggests a windfall of money, but when opened reveals a pot of soup. Jak’s holiday donation went to Citymeals on Wheels, an organization that serves thousands of homebound New Yorkers a lifeline of nourishing meals.

JAK OF HEARTS | Home is Where the Heart is
When first received, the card for Jak of Hearts looks like a playing card. However, when opened, the pointed flap of the Jak’s uniform transforms into a rooftop, that frames the famous quote “Home is where the heart is.” Our holiday donation went to SelfHelp, an organization that offers a broad set of services that enable older adults to age in their own homes and communities.

The Jak Pack


Jill is Jak. Her long-term experience and design expertise is the foundation for all of JAK’s operations and communications. She is a die-hard apple connoisseur and expert color palette generator. When the designers are out of the office, she tunes into the “Broadway’s Best” station. Jill’s adventure started with a B.A. from Union College and an M.F.A. from Yale University.


JANE KIM, Creative Director
Jane is a corgi-obsessed, comic-con attending, chickpea enthusiast. A well-structured grid is her arena, where she works hard to uphold her armor of alignment and form, and even harder to break away in awe-inspiring triumph. She hails from the far-away land of Jersey but we love her anyway. Jane is armed with a B.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design.


Chris was working with Jill in 1990 when he decided to move to Paris for a brief 3 years. 29 years later, he is still there. As the overseas extension of Jak, he works while we sleep which enables us to provide 24-hour service. Illustrator is his wheelhouse; creating all types of illustrations that will absolutely knock your socks off. Chris proudly holds a BA from Cooper Union. Très bien!

Over the past 35 years, we have had a host of talented designers to whom we are forever grateful:
Niki Benedetto, Alexandra Doyle-Perry, Saeko Hinomoto, Ali Honsa, Devika Khanna, Sherina Kirpalani, Jenna Navitsky, Cynthia Park, Paul Pierson, Irene Korol Scala, and Linne Tsu

Thank you for all of your wonderful work!